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Our Leeds Hub

Our Leeds Depot is set up to service the major cities across England, M1 Corridor and the North East of England. Our depot is on the outskirts of Leeds, giving us easy access South down the M1, North on the A1 and West on the M62.

The Leeds Hub great for servicing England’s big cities and great for us to connect our network of hubs together. Our 4 strategically placed depots create links to make every inch of the U.K. accessible and economical. By integrating distribution costs our customers have a competitive and profitable route to market nationwide.

Our Leeds Depot is fully equipped with frozen, chilled and ambient storage so no matter what your business is we have the right solution for your business needs.

What Does This Mean For You?

Our South West Depot will give you better areas to connect your business

Connecting Your Business

Our Leeds hub allows you to connect your business to every inch of the UK. Whether your business is based in the Scottish Highlands or the centre of London the new hub will mean you have a competitive partner to work with you on expanding your business.

By Opening Melksham means we have more cost saving routes

Cost-effective Networking

Having the Leeds hub means not only is our customer's distribution potential far greater. It is also much more cost-effective, we have more routes at competitive prices, more drivers to react to emergency work and a base to store goods and work from so we don't waste time and cost on driving to the area.

By Opening Melksham we can offer you more efficient distribution

More Efficient Distribution

Our Leeds base means we have strategically covered the UK meaning we can be up and down the country with no hassle. We have daily links between our hubs both North and South so your product can be in Glasgow one day and be in London the next without having the pay the dedicated premium.

What Services We Offer

Chilled and frozen Food Courier

Our Leeds hub is a van courier depot; delivering chilled & frozen food & drink across the North of England, Midlands and M1 Corridor. We also have regular routes in London, Manchester and Leeds centre itself. Our customers come in a variety of shapes and sizes…from bespoke farms to large food producers we provide refrigerated transport for a diverse range of companies.

Same and Next Day Tri-temp Specialist

With 4 strategically placed depots Nationwide we can get products to anywhere in the UK next day - like Edinburgh in the morning to London at Night. We know things don’t always go to plan, and we can help, if we have a man and a van we can come to the rescue - Our Glasgow depot can service the M1 corridor, North East and West of England for Emergency cover.

Special Events and Sample Delivery

The Leeds hub is around the corner from some of the UK's biggest events which your business can deliver into cost-effectively. Leeds Festival, Malton Food Lovers and Jorvik Viking Festival are all less than an hour away from the depot and are ideal to be serviced from Leeds. We also move lab samples to the Universities nationwide for testing and food samples to head offices all over the UK.

Expert Pharmaceutical Coutier

We transport high-value medical products around the North of England, Midlands and M1 corridor within a controlled temperature environment. This is to maintain optimum shelf life for onward delivery to chemists, hospitals or export markets.

Multi-Temo Storage and Warehousing

The Leeds hub offers chilled, frozen and ambient storage solutions with 3 large storage chambers.  The all are capable of stock checking and stock rotation meaning none of your product goes to waste.

Drinks and Keg Distribution

Cans, bottles, kegs and specialised craft ales transported to bars, pubs and restaurants throughout the surrounding areas or to special events. We also offer a full cellar service if you needed.

Where is the Leeds Hub?

Units 6 & 7,
Astra Park,
Parkside Lane,
LS11 5SZ


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